Custom Saddle Fitting

What Our Fitting Includes

Each fitting we will take specific measurements that will ensure a proper fit for you and your horse. The measurements used to craft your Stübben Custom saddle will be unique to you.

Throughout the Stübben Custom experience, you will have the benefit of constant support from our Customer Service Center. We can keep you updated from your first contact with us through follow up after you have received your saddle. We are committed to making this an enjoyable experience for you.

What To Expect the Day of the Fitting

Please have your horse in and cleaned at the start of the scheduled appointment time.

Our fitting process is evaluated on the ground and in the saddle so expect to ride and please have a dedicated space you feel comfortable riding in.

You’ ll be able to ride in a wide variety of Stübben models to find what saddle you prefer.

Together we will design and customize your new Stubben to your exact specifications. With tons of options to choose from, your saddle will be the perfect fit for both you and your horse.

I Ordered My Saddle Now What?

I will make sure to let you know the lead-time of your saddle at the time of your order.

Once your saddle arrives we will schedule another fitting to do one final check to make sure everything looks good!

After that the saddle is yours to enjoy!